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Thank you for being a supporting customer of Super Belly Ferments and recognizing our commitment to real food probiotics!

We want to tell you about a very exciting partnership we have engaged in to help us reach our goals as we look at 2021 and beyond. We are working with The Local Food Trust whose purpose is to bring philanthropy to food and farming to build stronger communities. Together we are trying to raise $125,000 dollars. This funding round will solidify and build a robust marketing sales team, increase our production labor, and match those investments in raw material purchases.

As small business owners, we believe in supporting local food economies and 20% of what we raise will be paid back to The Local Food Trust over time once we reach our fundraising goal. A revenue redemption clause is often found in other types of investments or in the form of interest with conventional lending. Our partnership with The Local Food Trust is unique in that your investment in us and our repayment will have a regenerative impact. What we pay back will be paid forward through new investments to businesses or organizations who share our values. They will be directed to businesses or organizations committed to creating livable wage jobs, environmental stewardship, promoting access and equity or that provide education around health and well-being.

Every dollar counts and we sincerely hope you will consider investing in us. We are not offering equity in Super Belly Ferments in this round of funding rather, your investment is fully tax-deductible. Through The Local Food Trust we are able to accept gifts or investment of all kinds. We welcome individual donations, trusts and annuities, designations via donor advised funds and other complex gifts.

Thank you so much for your consideration and feel free to reach out to either of us if you have any questions. If you have questions about The Local Food Trust, please email Patricia Hennessy, Founder and Director

In good (gut) health,

Paul and Sarah