About Us

Sarah Frost-McKee and Paul Trendler of Super Belly Ferments

Sarah and Paul are two Oregonians who tend to get a bit fanatic about growth and tackling new objectives. They're currently obsessed with how to get more people eating naturally occurring probiotics everyday. That's it! After years of food experimentation, they've both felt their best when eating vibrant, flavorful, naturally fermented foods. Super Belly Ferments is their way of giving to the greater community the opportunity to nourish their whole selves, including the microscopic bacterial friends that are so integral to our bodies. 

Sarah has had a long history of restaurant and culinary experience, developing flavor profiles and recipes, while Paul, has had a lot of experience eating in those places! Their passion for food led to work in kitchens of all types. While Paul's experience was formed through commercial expedition and wilderness cooking, and Sarah's through French-trained culinary school... fermentation has always been something bringing them together. Experimenting with ferments at home, and exploring the local culture of ferments as they travel, Sarah and Paul simply love the transformative process that wild fermentation enables.

The Super Belly Fermentory is in Bend, Oregon, located in the heart of the Maker's District. It is there, where they both are working steadfast at their goal; to get more people eating diverse probiotic foods every day.