About Us

Sarah Frost-McKee and Paul Trendler of Super Belly Ferments

Super Belly Ferments was built by Paul Trendler and his wife Sarah Frost-McKee with the intention of cultivating approachable everyday foods with naturally occurring probiotics. Paul and Sarah were both teachers in the Bend-La Pine school district, and being in schools illuminated the need for healthy diets for kids, so they can focus and be successful in their studies.

Paul and Sarah grew up in the Eugene, Oregon food scene, which cultivated a strong sense of place within food ecosystems. While Sarah went through a traditional French culinary cooking program working in kitchens as a pastry chef and line cook, Paul’s food interests were shaped by wilderness expeditions, fermentation, and the health benefits of clean eating superfoods.

Sarah struggled with food sensitivities for years, which led to experimenting with fermentation, and she immediately saw the direct impact it had on her health. These experiments led Sarah and Paul into a deep dive into wild fermentation and the benefits of nurturing the mind-gut connection.

In 2017, Sarah and Paul founded a sauerkraut company called Local Culture, which started as a farmers market side hustle and has grown into a flourishing ferment company based in NorCal. They found that fringe, nutrient dense, wild fermented foods help create stronger microbiomes, which can help protect against inflammatory responses linked to leaky gut, IBS, and other autoimmune disorders.

This transition gave Sarah and Paul the opportunity to focus on producing more easily accessible fermented foods, which spawned Super Belly Ferments in 2018. Super Belly Ferments offers a full range of products that are as clean as possible: no sugar, no gluten, no soy, no dairy, no egg, just clean fermented foods that fit the paleo and keto lifestyle that anyone can get behind.

Super Belly Ferments products are being sold in stores throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their products include flavors that are enjoyed by everyone, from a functional nutritionist to a toddler to a great grandparent.